In photographer Cybele Malinowski’s personal work Undone, she photographs models with natural hair and makeup and no retouching.

Her aim is to authentically portray the natural beauty of models and let their personalities shine through. We collaborated with Cybele for our International Women’s Day story, where she shot Jadé & Sophia undone.

“I’ve been shooting models for many years and the reason why I started Undone is that I really wanted to focus on the personality of the model. We live in such a fake world where you don’t know what’s real anymore. I wanted to show that beauty does exist, it is real, it doesn’t have to be fake. I shoot beautiful people without their hair done, without any makeup, without any retouching and show that beauty does exist and it doesn’t have to be computer generated.”


Photoshoot Credits –
Art Director – Candice Agius
Photographer – Cybele Malinowski
Models – Jade Tunchy and Sophia Brennan

Senior Creative
& Art Director